Coils & Modules

HRSG Coil Crane

Chanute has manufactured HRSG pressure part modules for over forty years. Our experience covers every size, circulation (forced or natural) and OEM design found in the industry. We design, manufacture and install replacement pressure parts directly for Utility and IPP plant operators. Chanute Manufacturing is the only domestic, independent supplier with on-site finned tube production. This allows 100% pressure part fabrication to be performed at one facility providing greater project control, superior quality and shorter cycle times.

Typical products and applications include:

Shop Modular HRSGs

For small and mid-sized combined cycles the HRSG is manufactured in modular form combining the pressure parts and external casing in one self-contained module. Chanute’s casing and assembly capability combined with the heavy lift capacity and rail transportation facilitates large module production.

Pressure Part Coils

For large frame combined cycles the HRSG pressure parts are manufactured as individual coils (or harps). These individual harps are then combined with manifolds, interconnect piping and coil supports to form a complete bundle or module.

Replacement Pressure Parts

Chanute provides replacement pressure parts for every type of HRSG. Replacement components can be in-kind or can be engineered upgrades to correct material failure or operating problems. Chanute has considerable experience in replacement of T91 superheaters and reheaters, correcting Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) in low pressure evaporators/economizers and in the supply of SA789-S31803 duplex stainless feedwater heaters or economizers. We have experience with nearly ever OEM’s coil support, tube restraint and gas baffle design. Services also include design, manufacture and safety rating of shipping / erection frames for installation.

Fabrication Expertise That Makes a Difference

Chanute’s experience in manufacturing tubular products spans nearly 50 years and are found in petrochemical fired heaters, industrial boilers, HRSGs and solid fuel fired power plants throughout the world. Our experience ranges from light wall to heavy wall tubing in carbon, low and high alloy (including T91 and T23) as well as the various grades of stainless steel, Inconel® and Hastalloy®.

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