Firetube Waste Heat Boilers

Firetube Boiler

Optimus firetube waste heat boilers recover valuable energy from hot process gases for a variety of applications including Sulfuric Acid plants, Thermal Oxidation systems, process gas coolers and Sulfur Recovery. Due to Chanute Manufacturing's ability to handle large and heavy vessels, Optimus can design, manufacture and ship extraordinarily large firetube waste heat boilers. Optimus utilizes proven design and operational standards for such things as circulation ratio, retention times, corrosion allowance, blow-off configuration, etc., that improve the life and reliability of the boiler equipment. For high-capacity sulfuric acid plants, in particular, Optimus offers a system with two boilers operating in parallel with a common steam drum to accommodate very high heat duty and steam production requirements.

Contract Fabrication

Optimus also builds waste heat firetube boilers for many process engineering companies and OEM's. These companies provide their own thermal and mechanical design and Chanute produces the fabrication detail drawings and manufactures the boiler to applicable specifications. Alternatively, the customer can provide the thermal design and assign Optimus the responsibility for the mechanical design.

Replacement in Kind

Plant operators periodically need to replace existing boilers and related components and Chanute is frequently a preferred provider of these replacement boilers. Chanute can simply perform an in-kind replacement, or review the original specifications and bring the design up to date with the current ASME Code.

Either way, Optimus and Chanute Manufacturing offers the best value when you need a firetube boiler.

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