HRSG Components

hrsg Components

Chanute Manufacturing’s history of HRSG manufacturing is long and storied. Since the early 1980’s Chanute has produced more HRSG’s than any facility in North America. Chanute’s experience and product depth is unmatched. In the HRSG aftermarket we offer comprehensive mechanical and process design upgrades, in house manufacturing and turnkey installations. Our single source capability sets us apart from all others. Components supplied by Chanute include:

  • Pressure Part Modules / Coils
  • Inlet Ducting
  • Finned Tubing
  • Casing
  • Headers
  • HP, IP & LP Drums
  • Rotor Air Coolers
  • SCR / CO Catalyst Housings and Frames
Header HRSG

Coils & Modules

Chanute has manufactured HRSG pressure part modules for over thirty years. Our experience covers every size, circulation (forced or natural) and design found in the industry. We design, manufacture and install replacement pressure parts directly for Utility and IPP plant operators.

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Fintubes (or finned tubes) are a major component of any heat recovery system. The close proximity of the finning operation and the manufacturing plant allows significant savings in packaging and freight as well as working capital reduction as a result of “just-in-time” scheduling.

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Liner Config

Casing & Inlet Ducting

Chanute has manufactured HRSG casing and inlet ducting for over thirty years. Our experience covers every type of internally insulated, floating liner design found in the industry. We support OEMs in the domestic market and supply replacement components to combined cycle operators.

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Welding Header


Chanute has unmatched experience fabricating HRSG headers and manifolds. We have manufactured every type of HRSG pressure part from reheater to feedwater heater. We understand the design details and have experience in fabricating every OEM’s header joint styles.

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