Spiral Finned Tube

In 1992, the shareholders of Optimus and TFT (“Tulsa Fin Tube”) formed CFT for the express purpose of manufacturing resistance welded fintubes. CFT’s manufacturing facility is located adjacent to Chanute Manufacturing’s plant.

Fintubes (or finned tubes) are a major component of any heat recovery system. The close proximity of the finning operation and the manufacturing plant allows significant savings in packaging and freight as well as working capital reduction as a result of “just-in-time” scheduling.

Fintubes are produced to customer specifications on two high frequency resistance welding machines. The fin, either solid or serrated, in carbon, alloy or stainless steel is helically wound around the tube and resistance welded. Bending, on the bare tube or over the fin, is performed on-site with custom designed duplex benders.

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