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Facility Aerial

Chanute Manufacturing is located in Chanute, KS and has nearly 200,000 SF of high bay manufacturing facilities, located on 47 acres of land. This plant site is served by five rail spurs with a total of 7,600 feet of track on the property. Manufacturing areas are served by 22 overhead cranes with capacities up to 200 tons and 35 foot hook heights. Annual capacity of the plant has exceeded 400,000 manhours.

Main Plant

The Main Plant building, excluding the Hi-bay, consists of 87,500 ft² of manufacturing floor space. Each of four bays up to 380' long is serviced by a rail spur and up to 40 tons of overhead crane capacity. The fabrication processes typically performed within include steel prep, structural fit & weld, and pressure part coil fabrication.

The prep department utilizes typical steel fabrication equipment for shearing, sawing, bending, rolling, and punching structural shapes and plates. In addition, a highly productive CNC Plate Burning Machine is used to plasma or gas torch cut plate up to 12' wide X 42' long. The burn bed is serviced by 10 tons of overhead crane capacity.


This building was originally added to the west side of the Main Plant to facilitate the fabrication and assembly of packaged watertube boilers. It features 50 tons of overhead crane capacity with a 32' hook height. Since package boiler assembly was subsequently moved to the Final Assy building, the Hi-bay is typically used for drum fabrication, header and drum tube-field drilling, and ultra-heavy structural panel fabrication.

This bay houses a Carlton #5 Horizontal Boring Machine that is primarily used to drill or machine tube fields in header pipes or drums. It is also capable of machining tube fields in flat or elliptical tubesheets, as well as a variety of other machining operations.

Header Fab

Header Fab is 10,500 ft² of fabrication space dedicated to production of coil pipe headers. Utilizing a CNC 5-axis plasma pipe profiling machine, pipe is cut to length, beveled, and the branch connection openings are cut and prepped to match the contour requirements of mating nozzles. This machine also cuts to length and copes the branch connection nozzles. A Carlton HBM #3 is used to drill tube fields into the headers.

At the twelve (12) header/pipe welding stations end plates and all nozzles and attachments are installed to complete fabrication. The weld processes performed in Header Fab include GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW, and SMAW.

Final Assy

The Final Assy building sets Chanute apart from all other peer companies in its industry. Its feature asset is a 225-ton capacity bridge crane with nearly a 36' hook height. This enables Chanute, for instance, to easily fabricate and load HRSG coil modules up to 450,000 lbs. to a rail car with minimal labor and cost. It also facilitates easy handling of the largest of packaged watertube and firetube boilers.

The building itself is nearly 40,000 ft² with a single bay clear span of 79'-2" wide x 410' long. It is serviced by (4) rail spurs to minimize shipping bottleneck, and, in addition to the 225-ton crane, has a 60-ton, a 10-ton, and (3) 5-ton bridge cranes.

To facilitate hydrostatic testing the building is plumbed for recirculated hydrotest water that is typically treated with rust preventative.


The Chanute administrative and support services pride themselves on world class project execution and customer service. These services include project management, production control/scheduling, detailing, purchasing, personnel administration, material control, and Quality Assurance.

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