Tubular Elements

Irwin Lift

Chanute has provided superheater, reheater and economizer elements for nearly every size and type of fossil fuel fired steam generator. From single in-kind elements to completely reengineered assemblies, Chanute has the capability and experience that utilities expect. Elements are routinely manufactured with tube shielding or weld overlay in the soot blower erosion areas, dissimilar metal transitions (EPRI DMW’s) or dissimilar tube diameter transitions and ultra tight radius bending. Chanute excels at incorporating manifolds, bottle headers and multiple assembly modules to simplify installation and minimize field labor.

Fabrication Expertise That Makes a Difference

Chanute’s experience in manufacturing tubular products spans nearly 50 years and are found in petrochemical fired heaters, industrial boilers, HRSGs and solid fuel fired power plants throughout the world. Our experience ranges from light wall to heavy wall tubing in carbon, low and high alloy (including T91 and T23) as well as the various grades of stainless steel, Inconel® and Hastalloy®.

Engineering Upgrades

Chanute’s engineering staff can upgrade your replacement elements to resolve operating and mechanical issues. It is also common for our customers to upgrade material types to improve reliability and extend the life of the elements. Chanute's engineers are qualified to evaluate tube metal temperatures, flow distribution, thermal expansion and perform the applicable code calculations.

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