Utility Header

Chanute has fabricated a wide variety of superheater, reheater and economizer headers and manifolds for solid fuel steam generators. Chanute has supplied hundreds of headers ranging up to 38” diameter and over 5” thick, and has supplied them to some of the country’s largest, flagship plants including 1300 MW supercritical units with design pressures up to 4160 psi. Headers can be designed in multiple segments or as full length depending upon installation access.

Fabrication Expertise That Makes a Difference

With almost 25 years of header fabricating experience, Chanute is equipped to perform all fabrication in house. Machining and hole preparation are performed on horizontal boring mills while tube stubs are manufactured and installed to exacting tolerances. Tube to header welding is performed by Chanute’s world class welders who perform thousands of these welds each year.

Engineering Upgrades

Chanute’s engineering staff can upgrade your replacement headers to resolve operating and mechanical issues. It is also common for our customers to upgrade material types to improve reliability and extend the life of the header. Chanute's engineers are qualified to evaluate flow distribution, thermal expansion and perform the applicable code calculations.

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